Special Projects

Socks and underwear for                    1 child every 6 months            $25.00 

School supplies                                   1 child twice a year                

School  uniforms                                1 child                                      $50.00

Soap, shampoo and conditioner          all children for 2 months        $100.00

Tooth brushes and toothpaste             all children for 2 months         $100.00

Twin size bed mattress                       1 (need 2 for 1 set of bunks)    $110.00

Shoes for school, dress and tennis      all children for 6 months         $300.00

Washing machine                                                                                $300.00

Wood bunk bed                                    1 set                                        $350.00

Sheets and pillow cases                       6 months                                 $400.00

Solar water heater                                need 5 more                          
 $1000.00 each

Residential Washing Machine                                                            

Industrial washing machine                                                                 

Industrial refrigerator                                                                           $600.00

Tires for either van or truck                                                                 $700.00
A solar water heater is a great blessing for not only the children but also for the finances of the homes. This saves money we have to spend for gas to heat the water.  There are times when you can not get a gas truck out to fill the tank. You then get the blessing of a cold shower brrr not fun, especially in winter.

Solar hot water heater                                                                         $1000.00

Our current Nissan 15 passenger van was donated new in 2004. The van currently has 223,000 kilometers on it. This vehicle has been kept in good repair and has given us a long life of service with many repairs. It has come to the end of its life.  The motor is smoking badly.  Vehicles wear out as we all know.  We thank God for this vehicle and now look forward to your help in this need for the children.

Chevy truck                                                                                      $23,000.00

To see a photo of this click link http://www.chevrolet.com.mx/silverado-1500

Nissan 15 passenger van                                                                  $35,000.00
To see a photo of this click link http://www.nissan.com.mx/autos/urvan

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Looking over El Paso Texas

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