Men's Conference

Once again our God is awesome, even with cold weather the men of this church came out to receive from God.  There was several speakers over Friday evening and Saturday afternoon into the evening.

Sean and Ron just finished ministering in a Men's Conference in Chihuahua City. 

There were men in attendance from four churches and several pastors and leaders were there also. In Mexico many people who have jobs work six days a week just trying to make ends meet. All these men made a decision to go to the conference and felt they needed to get something from God.

 The conference started on Friday night the theme was on spiritual warfare.  The men where all eager to hear what God had to say to them. They would come forward to be ministered to, prayed over and get a special touch from God. As we have seen so many times before God came and touched these men.  The men heard many messages on spiritual warfare. The battle is not always outside but many times the battle is personal starting with our personal holiness. This is the battle we are all fighting. The men walked away from the conference renewed, refreshed, strengthened, recharged and with a new love for God.   

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