We are so pleased to report the violence in Juarez and Chihuahua Mexico is not like it once was. Through the diligent prayers fasting and obedience of many servants of God to go into areas and preach His word to a lost and dying people. Our God has taken a country and area known for its violence, He has brought peace. Mexico still needs your prayers so keep praying saints.

We are now praying and looking forward to having teams come down and help with some building projects that are much needed at the children home in Chihuahua Mexico. Please be praying about helping with labor and or finances BOTH are needed and appreciated greatly.

(Above photo outside crusade of Souls asking for forgiveness and salvation)

It was decided the best way to help was to encourage the pastors and leaders was by preaching evangelistic crusades for their churches.  Ron, knowing several pastors in Juarez organized a crusade in one of the poor and dangerous neighborhoods.  This was at the height of the cartel violence and crime.  The city was experiencing 9 murders a day.  Kidnapping and extortion of businesses owners had driven many business to close and thousands of people to move out of the city.  The first crusade was a great success and the local pastors involved were greatly encouraged.  This was a time when almost no missionaries were operating in the city because of the violence.  The pastors and leaders were incredibly blessed that the team would come in spite of the danger.  God gave us favor and we became known as being willing to come to Juarez and as having effective crusades that brought souls into the kingdom and saw many healing miracles as they preached the gospel. 

(Above Praying for the sick)

Since then we have done crusades in every part of the city and the outskirts.  During that time we have seen the violence drop from 9 murders to 1 per day or less.  But we are still believing for a city transforming revival that will turn the city into a place of integrity and righteousness.  We have seen thousands of first time decisions for Christ and many healing miracles by the hand of God.  


Sean Gartner Preaching at a outside crusade.  This particular night the wind was blowing fierce. After the sun went down the night turned cold even with the sport coat on Sean was cold at the end of the evening. God moved that evening and 8 people came forward to give their lives to Christ  and many healings took place.   All I can say is Praise God to have our Lord and savior use me as a tool in the great commission.

The words on the mountain read

"City of Juarez
The bible is
the truth
read it."

Photo's By Sean Gartner
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