Children's Homes

In 1998 God gave Ron a burden for the children in Mexico who were living on the streets. Many of these children had been abandoned and many had been abused.  None of them were going to school and their future often consisted of a life of crime, drugs and often prostitution.   Working with fellow Christians in Chihuahua who felt this same burden for the street children, Refuge Ministries was able to raise the funds to buy a piece of property in Chihuahua City and begin taking in children.   We have always worked with nationals who know the culture, the people and how best to meet their needs.  So we established national directors to take care of the children and the contacts we needed to make with the government agencies who work with family development.  As the work grew and more children were rescued from the street life, we were able to establish a Civil Association to make the work legal with the Mexican Government.  Since that time we outgrew the first Children’s Home in Chihuahua City and purchased a larger property outside of the city.  Today we are housing an average of 20 – 25 children who are all going to school, learning to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and being healed of their emotional wounds.  When Jesus adopted us into His family He gave us a future and a hope. We at Refuge Ministries believe these abandoned and needy children deserve the same in their physical and their spiritual lives.  Every life is precious to God and we believe these children will grow up to be good citizens of their country and good Christians who will make an impact for the kingdom of God in Mexico.  Our vision for the future is to build more Children’s Homes, (Houses of Refuge) and take in more needy children as the Lord provides the workers and the finances.  Pray for God to supply for these needs.

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Small photo is some of the children in the Chihuahua's home.

Large photo is the Children's home in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

Photo's by Sean Gartner

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