Chihuahua Home

Right now there are about 20 children in the home, ages ranging from 6 to 16 years,10 boys and 10 girls. We have 1 amazing couple our directors Fransico and his wife Chela. Please be praying for them, they need another couple to help with this home. Fransico gets up at 4:30 am and starts his day he keeps going untill about 10:30-11:00 pm. There is a tremendous amount of work involved to run this home. For instance getting every child to and from school as he is the school bus, picking up food that is donated. Sometimes the food donation is enough other times it is not then you must go to the grocery store. There are several different stores and locations Fransico drives to in one day for food and other donations.
Lets not forget the meetings with the government because of the civil association and much more that is on the daily plate of things Fransico must do.
Here are some of the needs the Children have. Please be praying and seeking God in how you can help the children:

Socks and underwear for                    1 child every 6 months          $25.00 

School supplies                                   1 child twice a year               $25.00

School  uniforms                                1 child                                    $50.00

Soap, shampoo and conditioner          all children for 2 months        $100.00

Tooth brushes and toothpaste             all children for 2 months         $100.00

Twin size bed mattress                       1 (need 2 for 1 set of bunks)    $110.00

Shoes for school, dress and tennis      all children for 6 months         $300.00

Washing machine                                                                                $300.00

Wood bunk bed                                    1 set                                        $350.00

Sheets and pillow cases                       6 months                                 $400.00

Solar water heater                                need 5 more                           $1000.00 each

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Small photo: Fransico and Chela, the directors of the Children's home in Chihuahua, Mexcio.


Large photo: Home work time for the children. 

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