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Refuge Ministries began as an inner city mission work in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  From there the work expanded to other countries as God directed. This ministry was established to help the poor and preach the gospel. We are involved in building children’s homes to take kids off the streets and give them love, care and spiritual guidance.

In 1985 the Gartner’s established the headquarters of Refuge Ministries in El Paso, Texas and started working in Juarez, Mexico.  We started our first church with one family. With this humble beginning of one family God has used Refuge Ministries to open Children’s homes, plant many churches and save countless babies from dehydration. Over the years Refuge Ministries has given needed clothing, blankets, wood burning stoves and built homes to protect families from the elements. We have helped send children to school that otherwise never would have gone, and met many needs of some of the poorest people in Mexico and many nations.  While providing for the physical needs of these people, we have seen many families and individuals make a life changing decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.  We have ministered in churches of all sizes from small country churches to large city congregations.  One thing is always the same, pastors are encouraged, churches strengthened, the unsaved come to Christ, and God heals and sets the captives free!

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Down town El Paso Texas with Juarez Mexico in the background.

Photo by Sean Gartner
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